I am a daughter, a sister,
a grand-daughter, a niece,
a cousin, a friend, and an aunt.
I am a partner, a student,
a young girl & a grown woman.
I am confident and scared,
terrified and excited.
I am loving and caring,
I am sick & tired.
I am shy and friendly,
& careful and careless.
I am broken.
I am misunderstood,
misguided & mislead.
I am hard working & determined,
but a little scared on the inside.
I wish on the stars & dream my dreams.
I pray to god and cry my tears.
I smile on the outside while
I'm dying on the inside.
I listen to others who won't listen to me.

Ohh yeah baby. #starbucks #hazelnutmacchiato  (en Starbucks)

Ohh yeah baby. #starbucks #hazelnutmacchiato (en Starbucks)

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